Making The Impossible Possible


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    “Significant Weight And Cost Savings for PTI Technology”

    “Significant Weight And Cost Savings for PTI Technology”

    PTI is a supplier of filters that are used in the aerospace industry. PTI approached Egmond Plastic for the manufacture of a plastic filter housing in order to reduce weight. Using...

  • “Thinking Along With The Development Of A New Product”

    “Thinking Along With The Development Of A New Product”

    Together with a design agency and in close collaboration with the end customer, Egmond Plastic has, in a short time, developed a new high-tech product for the medical industry. The parts...

  • “Just In Time Supplier for Plymovent”

    “Just In Time Supplier for Plymovent”

    As a supplier of injection molding components for Plymovent, Egmond Plastic has helped to reduce their logistic costs. On the basis of a forecast of Plymovent, we deliver components to Plymovent...

  • “Existing Molds With Minimal Modifications Aimed At Reuse”

    “Existing Molds With Minimal Modifications Aimed At Reuse”

    Ko Hartog Traffic Engineering sought a new partner to injection mold parts of their Groenpol traffic light. Was this possible with the existing molds? Absolutely. In Egmond Plastic’s tool workshop the...


Unique Fusible Core Technology

Egmond Plastic is well known for its unique plastics, small series and specials. Since the eighties we have worked with high quality products such as Peek (Victrex) and Pei (Ultem). While other vendors opt for simple designs in large quantities, we specialize in ‘making the impossible possible’ through our Fusible-core Technology. This in house developed unique technology allows for undercuts in injection molding.

Above expectations

Egmond Plastic is not a supplier with a standard repertoire. Our strength is ‘making the impossible possible’ and even going a step further. Clients with a design in mind come to us for a discussion about the possibilities we can offer. From design to manufacturing, we think along with our clients, and we are always committed to provide the right solution.

Proven technology

Although injection molding and mold manufacturing are crafts that have been around since the beginning of the twentieth century, the development of final products has continued to evolve. The transition from metal to plastic (from solid and heavy to strong and light) cannot be stopped. Egmond Plastic was one of the first companies in the world to specialize in the manufacture of high-tech plastics solutions with complex designs. We are in fact still the only company in the world that can injection mold hollow components.

We fulfill our promises

More and more businesses see the possibilities of plastic, where metal was the norm until now. They have discovered that an investment in the development of a plastic end product is very rewarding: 50% less weight leads to 30% less costs, and a 50% faster lead time. The benefits are almost endless, especially because the manufacturer Egmond Plastic has proven itself on many fronts as a high quality and reliable supplier.

Recent News

Egmond Plastic highlighted by the municipality of Alkmaar

At the beginning of March, CEO Richard Brandwijk was interviewed by alderman Pieter Dijkman of Alkmaar in a video conversation about 'how companies do business during the corona crisis'.

Curious about the conversation? Click ...

Wenzel Smart-CMM (measuring machine) in use

Recently our company has acquired a virtually new 500 ton, fully hydraulic injection molding machine. Second-hand, but in top condition. And equipped with a robotic arm.

On the shop floor, after research by trainees, it appeared ...

EP acquires a Wenzel Smart CMM (measuring machine)

In December 2020, the Smart CMM was installed in the renovated measuring room of our company. This machine is to replace the current FARO measuring arm. The measuring capacity will be increased with the new acquisition. With the smaller tolerances and increasing the accuracy ...