On March 21, 2018 the new 350 ton Sumitomo Demag injection molding machine arrived at Egmond Plastic. This machine is equipped with, among other things, a servo motor, which ensures that we can injection mold very precisely, energy-efficient and almost silently, complex and technical products made of high tech polymers.

With the replacement of the outdated Windsor injection molding machine, by the Sumitomo Demag machine, the opportunity was taken to optimize a number of logistical flows within the company. All large machines are now gathered together in one production cell, allowing us to create extra space in the other production halls. This enables us to further shape our QRM work cells. A step forward has been made in the field of automation. The new machine is equipped with a top entry robot, has a built-in hotrun system and has direct communication possibilities with all peripherals. With these innovations, we guarantee an even better quality and delivery reliability to our customers.