By being involved during the early stages of production, Egmond Plastic is able to provide you with perfect end products. Our specialized teams of professionals in our mold and tool workshops further elaborate on your ideas. An additional advantage of our total concept is that it reduces unforeseen production costs.

Egmond Plastic uses high quality materials, advanced machines (including a 5-axis milling machine) and molds. Our injection molding plant is equipped with 21 injection molding machines with a closing strength between 25 and 800 tons, and can manage a shot weight of 2 grams to 8 kilograms. We also have a vertical injection molding machine, mainly used for electrical components. The raw materials and colorants are properly mixed in the material care and color lab departments. This requires a varied knowledge of materials and colors.

Finishing touch

When a product leaves the injection molding machine, post-processing takes place in the areas of inserting, milling, punching, drilling, gluing, tempering, vulcanization, cutting and assembling, in order to deliver a product as perfect as possible. Finally, the finishing department takes care of the surface treatment of (end) products. This is done by means of vacuum evaporation, screen printing, ultrasonic welding, tampon printing, hot stamping, lacquering, and mechanical treatment.