More and more businesses see the possibilities of plastic, where metal was the norm until now. They have discovered that an investment in the development of a plastic end product is very rewarding indeed.: 50% less weight leads to 30% less costs, and a 50% faster lead time. The benefits are almost endless, especially because the manufacturer Egmond Plastic has proven itself on many fronts as a high quality and reliable supplier.

Egmond Plastic understands the importance of your case. In other words, we know that quality, delivery reliability, and speed are more than just hollow words: they have to be guaranteed. We work with all types of plastic, filled or unfilled, and colors to suit your needs. Materials such as Peek (Vitrex) and Pei (Ultem) are processed into high-quality products which are all subject to strict quality control.

  • To keep our promise is a simple principle, which we adhere to every day by performing our job down to the last detail.
  • All Egmond Plastic employees feel this in their bones and therefore always work with a great sense of commitment and responsibility.