“The sky’s the limit”

These are the words Lloyd’s Register uses to indicate that companies meet the highest quality standards with their audits. This also includes the 3-yearly AS9100 certification. We recently had this 3-year on-site audit and our AS9100 certification was reconfirmed.

AS9100 certificate

The AS9100 certification (more commonly known as EN9100 in Europe) provides the foundation for safety, reliability and regulatory compliance for products in the aerospace industry. Specific standards apply here. It is proof that aerospace quality management systems (AQMSD) are accurate and completely reliable.

Optimal performance

For us, the certificate means that good quality is demonstrable. It also indicates that our employees are aware of the applicable procedures and work processes.

In addition to the important three-yearly major audit, the management system is adjusted with annual audits. There is a structural, continuous improvement. The result is improved operational performance, minimizing errors, saving costs and shortening delivery times.

Benefit from quality

In addition to the aviation sector, others, such as the medical and industrial sectors, can also benefit from these qualities.

Trustworthy partner

The fact that Egmond Plastic is a reliable partner is also apparent from the fact that we won a large number of new molds from our major customers last year. And we have been able to add a number of new customers in the region to our database.