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Aerospace: The economic beauty of achieving more with less

Unique processing technology allows for part consolidation and efficient manufacturing: Combination of Egmond Plastic’s Fusible-Core Technology and a VICTREX® PEEK polymer solution result in more than 30% cost and up to 50% weight reductions Thornton Cleveleys (UK), XX March 2015 – In the manufacturing of complex fuel housings for the global aircraft industry, cost savings […]

EU sponsors Egmond Plastic in new aviation development

The Clean Sky Joint Undertaking in Brussels has awarded a contract to Egmond Plastic for the development of a Peek inlet scroll. The 16-month program will take place in close cooperation with Liebherr in Toulouse. The current inlet scroll is made of aluminum and consists of 2 parts. The newly developed inlet scroll will be […]

new FaroArm measuring arm

Since January 2015, in addition to the current 2D altimeter, the Quality-control department of Egmond Plastic uses the new 6-axis 3D FaroArm (Prime) measuring arm. This measuring arm is capable of even more accurate measurements on the products. An additional advantage is that the digital data directly can be forwarded to the customer. To operate […]