Up to 50% Weight Savings, 50% Lead Time Reduction and 30% Cost Savings.
Who doesn’t want that?

Plastic is increasingly replacing metal. Why?                                                                                                                                                      Because people discover the many possibilities of plastic compared to metal.

It starts with:

– Up to 50% weight savings

You can see that due to the further development of plastics, the mechanical properties are getting closer and closer to the properties of aluminum. The specific gravity of a high-quality plastic is about 50% lower than aluminum. If you replace brass or steel molded parts, plastic is even lighter by a factor of 6. Due to the high freedom of shape of the injection molding process, several parts can be integrated into one part, so that less assembly is required and that also saves weight.

– Up to 50% lead time reduction

The production method, the injection molding, of products saves a lot of time, once a mold is ready. The materials are available off the shelf and there are no long waiting times for injection molding as with foundries.

From metal to plastic

Aircraft fuel pump and impeller

– Up to 30% cost savings

This is due to near net shape manufacturing. Work is already underway towards a final product, so that less material and, in particular, fewer mechanical operations are required. These investments have such advantages that a mold pays for itself fairly quickly. In addition, it is possible to adapt certain properties of a plastic to your product, such as wear resistance, friction coefficient, flexibility, tensile strength and fire resistance. What can ‘from metal to plastic’ mean for you? We would be happy to discuss the benefits and possibilities with you.