In order to make our specialized way of manufacturing molds and high-tech plastics future proof, new talent in the field of injection molding and mold manufacturing is being hired and extensively trained and educated (VAPRO). We employ talented young engineers (men and women) with a passion to invent and an eagerness to implement your design in detail. They are supervised by our experienced staff.

Our precision work is not something you learn at school. It is something you learn at Egmond Plastic. Our curiosity and eagerness to learn makes us a company that stays ahead in the global development of weight reduction in injection molding, in new applications, and developments in areas such as 3D printing. We aim to be an ‘excellent place to work’. We offer a combination of continuous development, trust and individual responsibility next to ample attention to the vitality of each individual. The fact that the majority of our employees stay with the company for many years is evidence that our approach is effective .