Welcome to the Alkmaar-based company Egmond Plastic. Worldwide we are a renowned player in the field of high tech injection molding. In particular we are well known for our revolutionary fusible core technology and our distinctive vapor deposition techniques. Egmond Plastic manufactures components for the aerospace, defense, and medical industries, as well as other industries that use high quality plastic products.

Egmond Plastics is an internationally well-established brand. The company has existed for more than fifty years and has been taken over in 2011 by Mr. Richard Brandwijk. Egmond Plastic specializes in complex designs. We manufacture parts that other injection molders cannot make. We are able to do so because we design and build our own molds and because we use a revolutionary fusible core technology.

Engineering Plastics

The cores are melted using a special and well controlled technique. In this way complex hollow components can be injection molded without any welding. The high-quality plastic parts are mainly produced in engineered plastics such as PEEK and Ultem thermoplastics with or without carbon or glass fibers.

  • The proven strategy of ‘making the impossible possible’ combined with our high delivery reliability has already guaranteed the solid reputation of Egmond Plastic for decades.
  • Egmond Plastic is highly qualified with an AS-9100 (aerospace supplier) certification.
  • Egmond Plastic is an ‘Approved Supplier’ of companies including Fokker, B/E Aerospace, Green Tweed, AOA, Parker Aerospace, and Goodrich. Besides the aerospace sector, we are also suppliers for Plymovent, Cognex, and Agrifac (among others).