We recently got a 3D printer. A wish from our engineer.
The 3D printing of clamping molds for our recently purchased CMM and masking molds in the finishing department saves many man hours and therefore also costs. Instead of producing a metal mold and processing it for two to three days in the tool shop, a perfect plastic mold is now delivered within 24 hours that is a perfect counterpart to the product.
With the clamping molds, products can always be placed in the same place on the CMM, without having to reposition products by hand each time. In addition, masking molds are used in the finishing of the products. This makes a difference in accurately masking products again and again.
For our customers it is an excellent tool in the development of their products.
Prototypes of their products are now being made for some of them. As a result, large investments in molds are not necessary to get a good example of the end product