• “Existing Molds With Minimal Modifications Aimed At Reuse”

Ko Hartog Traffic Engineering sought a new partner to injection mold parts of their Groenpol traffic light. Was this possible with the existing molds? Absolutely. Molds with minimal modifications were made machine-ready in Egmond Plastic’s tool workshop. And improved ones too!

Ko Hartog Verkeerstechniek (Traffic Engineering) B.V. in Heerhugowaard had a problem. Their injection mold supplier indicated that he was no longer interested in producing the various components for the Groenpol traffic light. Seeing as Egmond Plastic specializes in producing technical injection molded parts in small and medium numbers, they came to us. Was it possible to produce existing molds without any major modifications being required? Of course!

More reliable and aesthetically pleasing

Molds were made machine-ready in our own tool workshop. The modifications were small, as well as the risk of delivery delay. Furthermore, Egmond Plastic improved the molds in a number of areas, which made the product more reliable and more aesthetically pleasing. The customer was more than satisfied, not least because the costs of switching the supplier were limited.