• “Significant Weight And Cost Savings for PTI Technology”

PTI is a supplier of filters that are used in the aerospace industry. PTI approached Egmond Plastic for the manufacture of a plastic filter housing in order to reduce weight. Using the Fusible Core Technology, Egmond Plastic has created a housing that is identical to the aluminum version, but over 53% lighter.

PTI had developed a filter for the Boeing 787 that consists of two aluminum components. The total weight of the filter housing is 2 kilograms. PTI contacted Egmond Plastic in order to reduce the weight. We are known for our experience in producing complex plastic aerospace parts. The conditions were clear: the shape had to remain exactly the same.

Fusible Core Technology

For this challenge Egmond Plastic decided to produce this component using Victrex Peex with carbon fibers. Using the Fusible Core Technology, we created a housing that is identical to, and more than 53% lighter than, the aluminum version. Since machine processing was minimized, the costs per product were significantly reduced as well. In addition, the used material (Peek) requires no surface treatment.