Egmond Plastic has an international reputation as a specialist in high tech injection molding and manufacturing complex molds. All of our more than 80 employees carry the Egmond Plastic promise in their hearts: to create a product that exceeds the customers expectations.

One team, one goal
Because of our shared curiosity and professionalism we work together as one team. Our goal is to deliver products on a daily basis that live up to high expectations and to be a front runner in the metal to plastic replacement in order to reduce weight and cost. We also strive to keep up with new technologies in areas such as 3D printing.

Excellent place to work
Egmond Plastic aims to be an ‘excellent place to work’. We offer our employees a combination of continuous development, trust and individual responsibility. In addition to this we focus greatly on the vitality of our employees. The fact that the majority of our employees stays with the company for many years shows that they value our approach.

We would now like to introduce you to several of our employees:

CEO of Egmond Plastic

In 2011 Richard Brandwijk took over the family business from Jan Egmond. As a great believer in the future of high-tech injection he has invested substantially in the company in recent years

“Due to my technical background I immediately recognized the added value of Egmond Plastic – a company with a unique position in the world of injection molding. The company creates innovative solutions in an international playing field. After the acquisition, my employees and I took up the challenge of taking Egmond Plastic to an even higher and in doing so I used  my network, creativity, and business sense.”

Head of General Affairs and Human Resources

Rian has worked at Egmond Plastic for the last 10 years and is the lynchpin of our company. It is his ambition to make a future-proof company out of Egmond Plastic.

“In the aerospace industry everyone is familiar with Egmond Plastic. I am proud to work for a company that develops plastic products at such a high-tech level. Egmond Plastic is a fantastic company.”

Process Operation Student

At an early age Wesley knew that he wanted to work with his hands, preferably in engineering. Unfortunately he did not have the required training. He found Egmond Plastic through a recruitment campaign. It was here that he got the opportunity to develop his technical talent.

““I like to learn and quickly improve things. With my perfectionist streak I often succeed in solving complex problems. I continue until I find the right solution. For a long time I thought: what am I supposed to do with my life? But now I feel really proud of my work at Egmond Plastic. Here I got the opportunity that I never would have had  at other companies.””

Group Leader Finishing

Thirty-five years ago Henk joined Egmond Plastic. At that time he left the Sikkens paint company to join Egmond Plastic. For some time now he has worked as a group leader in the finishing department. Here, he daily applies his knowledge to the finishing of our products.

“Every day is different and the company continues to grow. That’s why It is always exciting to work for Egmond Plastic As a group leader I create a good atmosphere every day. No frills, but when we’ve had a good day of work, we go out for a drink.”

Group Leader Mold Manufacturing, Designer of Molds

Willem is literally ‘one of a kind’. There is no one on this earth who can build molds like he does. He takes on any challenge, even if it means missing a night’s sleep.

“When I don’t immediately have the right solution, the project really starts to get interesting. My strength is that I can think well ahead. How do I create the most ‘complete’ mold? The fact that we are able to create something that nobody else is able to make – I’m definitely proud of that.”

Head of Planning

As the daughter of Jan Egmond, the former owner of Egmond Plastic, Monique grew up with the company philosophy: no client request is ever too much for us. After the takeover, that principle still holds and Monique still feels at home in the company.

“The unique thing about this company is that we are very flexible. We are always able to serve the customer well, whether it’s with simple or more complex issues. At the same time, we continue to grow and acquire new clients such as the defense industry. Therefore I still learn something new every day.”


As a manager, you naturally feel the final responsibility. That certainly goes for Arjan. He even admits that sometimes he has to take work home with him. However the good news is that his best ideas often come at night.

“At Egmond Plastic we create complex products, we have skillful people and are technically well equipped. It is my task to make use of every bit of our employees’ knowledge. Only then can we stay ahead in the market. I love it when young guys like Wesley solve a problem by themselves. Then I realize: if he understands this, then undoubtedly more great ideas will follow.”

Office Manager

Manon is perhaps the most well known employee at Egmond Plastic. She organizes everything in the office and answers the phone. Her cheerfulness is world-famous – service with a big smile!

“I am the first contact for customers. I filter their questions and make sure they get to the right person. My goal is to always deliver products on time and I try to let customers know that we do everything in our power to make that happen. For a while, I worked somewhere else, but I quickly realized that the organization and great atmosphere at Egmond Plastic fits me like a glove. Fortunately, I was received with open arms when I returned.”

Group Leader Color Department

People are always able to develop their talents within Egmond Plastic. Horace is the perfect example of this. He started as a mold manager and is now responsible for all materials and color processing.

“Once during a holiday period, I joined the color department; this work appeared to suit my talents. Whenever I have a color in mind, I know exactly how to make it. I love creating my own unique color that ultimately bears the name of the company. I am proud of the good teamwork in our department. Even though I’m a perfectionist and quite demanding, my employees never say ‘no’ to me.”