Unique Melt Core Technology

Egmond Plastic is well known for its unique plastic, small series and specials. Since the eighties, we have been working with high quality products such as Peek (Victrex) and Pei (Ultem). While other vendors opt for simple designs in large quantities, we specialize in ‘making the impossible possible’ through the use of our Melt Core Technology. This self-developed unique technology allows for undercuts in injection molding.

‘Above expectations’

Egmond Plastic is not a ‘you ask, we produce’ kind of supplier. Our strength lies in ‘making the impossible possible’ and even going a step further. Potential clients that have a design in mind can join us for a discussion about the feasibility of a project. From design to manufacturing, we are always involved and always provide insight.

‘Plastic Injection Molding - Proven Technology’

Although injection molding and mold manufacturing is a craft that has been around since the beginning of the twentieth century, the development of final products has continued to evolve. The transition from metal to plastic (from solid and heavy to strong and light) cannot be stopped. Egmond Plastic was one of the first companies worldwide to specialize in the manufacture of high-tech plastics solutions with complex designs. We are in fact still the only company worldwide that can injection mold hollow components.

Provide what you promise

More and more businesses see the possibilities in plastic, where hitherto metal was the norm. They are discovering that an investment in the development of a plastic end product pays for itself twice over: 50% less weight leads to 30% less costs, and a 50% faster lead time. The benefits are almost endless, especially if the manufacturer (Egmond Plastic) has proven itself on many fronts as a high quality and reliable supplier.