Egmond Plastic is well known for its unique plastics, small series and specials. Since the eighties we have worked with high quality products such as Peek (Victrex) and Pei (Ultem). While other vendors opt for simple designs in large quantities, we specialize in ‘making the impossible possible’ through our Fusible-core Technology. This in house developed unique technology allows for undercuts in injection molding.


Of course Egmond Plastic has state of the art injection molding machines. Moreover recently we have greatly invested to further increase our expertise and quality. We aim to provide a total solution and perform all work activities in-house whenever possible. Besides injection molding, we are also very adept in creating molds, paint spraying, screen-printing, pad printing, and foil stamping

Vapor Deposition

Egmond Plastic B.V. has also evolved as a specialist in the field of vapor deposition. We are able to vaporize among others non-ferrous metals, certain alloys and silicon. On top of that during a single production process up to three different layers can be vaporized. Egmond Plastic has worked for decades already with products such as Peek (Victrex) and Pei (Ultem) , with or without glass and/or carbon fibers. These are high quality materials that are mechanically strong and chemically resistant.

  • Egmond Plastic is the best partner when the design and/or the materials are complex and the required quantity is limited. We are committed and responsible from concept to complete final product.