As a supplier of injection molding components for Plymovent, Egmond Plastic has helped to reduce their logistic costs. On the basis of a forecast of Plymovent, we deliver components to Plymovent within five working days.

Besides being an injection molding specialist, Egmond Plastic also aims to be a one-stop-shop supplier. Plymovent saves a lot of supply chain costs because we can deliver injection molding parts in a ‘just-in-time’ approach. Due to our seamless process flow, we are able to provide Plymovent with anything they need within five days. As a result, their inventory costs are reduced to the minimum. Egmond Plastic also assembles end products for Plymovent that are sent directly to sales offices worldwide. All this in order to further minimize unnecessary costs in the supply chain.

  • “Just In Time Supplier for Plymovent”